About Me

Every time my mom meets someone, she tells them that I “popped out of the womb wanting to teach.” Most of my childhood memories revolve around teaching stuffed animals on my bedroom floor, asking for a filing cabinet for Christmas when I was seven (my Mom Mom bought it!), teaching my neighborhood friends everything that I learned in school that day, persuading my dad to make copies of from my workbook so that my “students” (read: stuffed animals) had copies to write on, and lugging home boxes of extra “dittos” from my elementary school teachers. I guess my mom is right. Moms are always right. Right?

I spent about nine years in the classroom where I taught everything from below-grade-level English to Advanced Placement Language and Composition, ninth grade through twelfth grade. I have taught summer school, written curriculum, worked with multiple content areas on creating materials, mentored future teachers, and anything I can find that involves education because if I want my students to keep learning, then I need to do the same. I have degrees in English, Secondary Education, ESOL Education, and Educational Technology.

Once my daughter was born in August of 2015, we made the financial decision for me to stay home with her. Currently, I tutor and teach Home and Hospital students because the hours are flexible, but my heart aches for the classroom that I miss. My identity has been so closely linked to teaching for so many years that, despite how much fun my daughter is, I find myself in this nebulous, sometimes uncomfortable territory of “Who Am I?” I might have gotten married in 2011, but my teaching identity will always be linked to the nickname my students called me, “Ms. Wo.”

About This Site

I decided to use this whole staying-at-home opportunity to extend my classroom beyond four walls. Thus, Learning Like Wo found life a year after my daughter did. For years, I have wanted to make teachers’ lives easier because, when teachers feel a little less burdened, their minds can explore even more creative ground and students ultimately benefit from teachers who can think a bit clearer. This site’s primary focus is high school English, but I hope to bring something to the table for teachers, students, parents, and the general public. My goal is to have a little something for everyone in this corner of the cyber world.

If at any point you would like me to post on a particular topic, please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page.

Please note that any of the materials I create can be used and reproduced for the classroom. I would love it if you provided feedback on lessons/materials with any modifications you made, additional materials you created (and would not mind sharing with others!), or considerations to be made when executing the lesson/using the material.


Please do not hesitate to contact me about a topic you would love to see me post about or feedback you have on a post. You can complete the contact form on this page, or you can directly email me at msdaniellewebber@gmail.com.





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